Branson MO Trip (Aug 3 – Aug 9 2009)

18 08 2009

This past week another family and my crew went to Branson MO, for vacation. We stayed South West of the actual city and were very close to Table Rock Lake ( and Lake Taneycomo ( Table Rock Lake is a deep lake used for standard boating and fishing by locals and tourists while Lake Taneycomo is mostly for trout fishing in the first 5-8 miles where it meets Table Rock Lake. Due to Lake Taneycomo being fed from the bottom water of Table Rock Lake it is very cold. Cold enough that if you put your hand in the water it won’t take long for you to pull it back out. Lake Taneycomo has no current except for when Table Rock Dam releases water to generate electricity. The schedule (which changes constantly) is located here:

To see a map of our route and locations referenced, go here:!466

We arrived on Sunday evening and Mike C. and I went for a small paddle on Table Rock Lake to see what it was all about. We floated and enjoyed a few brews before heading back in as it got dark.

The next morning (Monday) we took the “Hatchery to Branson Landing” (see map) route, which turned out to be about 9.5 miles. There was no current that day so it was all paddle powered. Because we didn’t have an idea of where we actually were along the route (we only knew “sort of”) we kept up a steady pace and by the end my shoulders were very tired. The great thing about paddling Lake Taneycomo in the morning or late evening is the mist. The water is cold and the air is hot so a mist settles very thick. To paddle through that in the morning while the trout fishermen are doing their thing is very calming and surreal.

Over the course of the vacation we were able to get on both lakes with the wives or the kids. One morning we took the boys out early for some fishing on Lake Taneycomo and another day we took the girls out for some paddling on Table Rock. The wives went with us one morning for a misty trip on Taneycomo and another trip in the evening to watch the sun set on Table Rock. Very enjoyable.

I don’t know if I want to go back to the city of Branson again, but I sure want to visit Lake Taneycomo at some point in the future.




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2 03 2011
Branson Travel Office

Isn’t the Table Rock Lake breathtaking! I live here and I don’t get out there enough! I like Lake Taneycomo too but it is too cold for swimming and I am not much of a fisher.

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