Ship Ahoy!

18 08 2009

Myself and Mikey C. took our kayaks on their maiden voyage at the Wednesday Nite Paddle hosted by Whitewater Warehouse. Take a peek here: Wednesday Nite Paddle . Our wives were supposed to go with us but due to the rain they chickened out. Mikey and I bravely continued on and had a great time. The rain came down with little or no wind and we floated merrily along. The rain made the trip very peaceful. To celebrate our first outing I bought four (4) Budweiser tall boys and two bags of Combos. I had not eaten dinner and this seemed as nutritious and satisfying as any other meal I could come up with . I split the beers and Combos with Mikey and we continued to float.

We both had rain ponchos on. Due to the smaller opening in his kayak he was able to fake a skirt and keep some of the rain out of the kayak. I was not so fortunate but I was thinking of ways I could make one out of an old tarp I have back in the garage. It would be nice to have a way to keep the water (rain, etc) from accumulating in the bottom of the kayak and/or getting me wet from the waist down.

We had such a good time that we have penciled in going out early Sunday morning. We will park on the down river part and take both kayaks to the up river part. We will float back down to the down river part and drive back to the up river vehicle. Done.




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