Getting / Got A New Kayak

18 08 2009

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I own a kayak now. I’ve been getting out on the water for quite a few years now but always in a canoe during recreational floats down a lazy river. I’m even co-founder of a website dedicated to providing aqua-aholic pleasure to others. is the url if you get the urge to visit.

Several weekends ago we did a small family river outing and opted to get a single kayak and a regular canoe to handle my wife, myself, our daughter and a niece. Once I got in the kayak I was hooked! What the hell was I missing all those years? Mikey C., husband to Marni C., has used kayaks in the past and has told us how nifty they are . Did we listen? Nope.  Apologies.

So there we are floating down the river in kayaks and canoes and having a dandy time. We figure we need to go more often and if we got our own kayaks we would soon save money on rentals. Fine idea! The hunt is on.

After searching and calling and demoing, and blah and more blah, I end up with a Perception Prodigy 12.0. Several others were in contention but price and availability won out. Link to the Prodigy 12.0 is HERE:

Mikey C., and Marni C., also purchased kayaks. Marni got a Perception Prodigy 10.0 and Mikey got a Dagger Element 11.2. My wife wasn’t sure how much we would use them so in time she may get her own.