Kayaking The Little Miami River

18 08 2009

My kayaking buddy (Mikey C.) and I will be paddling the length of the Little Miami River in Ohio. It’s not a challenging river as far as rapids go but it is local to us and allows us to have something interesting to do. We won’t do it all at once but will break it up into about three weekends. Most likely we will arrive at drop off Saturday morning, paddle all day, camp, then paddle more on Sunday.

I have used several online resources to map out out the route. They are:
http://www.thenaturalresource.com/fishing/WATACCRS_05.php (I think this one also pulled from the Wittenberg Map originally)

A link to the map I created, and will continue to update, is HERE

Many miles of the Little Miami River is covered by canoe/kayak rental businesses. This means that the river is fairly cleared of blockage and is generally passable. I don’t mind a few portages but as I’ve never done this river I’d like for it to go as smooth as possible.

My main concern for the trip is camping. I’ve never camped out of a canoe/kayak so I fear I may over or under pack. My other concern is not knowing how far we can realistically paddle in one day. On our Branson trip we went almost 10 miles in smooth water that had no current. It tired us out but we were pushing most of the way. If we had all day I think we could have done several more miles, possible 15? With a small river with current I suspect we will target 15-20 miles on the Saturday, 10 on the Sunday. We will determine ahead of time where we are stopping to camp, and where we are taking out.

I may take a camera to document the trip. I fear getting it wet but I don’t want to accept the photos I get from a disposable.


Jacobs Landing to The Narrows

18 08 2009

5:30 wakeup to meet the Collins at their place at 6:30. For some reason I busted my ass to get there by 6:05. Why? Not sure except for I’m horrible with times and dates.

It had been raining the day before so we expected the water to be swift and we were not disappointed. Rapids were a bit quicker, corners a bit hairier, and the normal slow spots where we could coast and enjoy the day sped by too quickly. However the feeling of being on the water at the start of the day with good company was awesome. At one point the river forked and we were not sure which way to go. We were hoping that the two forks joined back up and in time that is exactly what happened. For a bit we didn’t know if we would make it back to our vehicles or float out into the ocean.

We had three NIHR’s (Non Intentional Half Roll) today. Mikey C. had two, and I had one. Marni C. escaped any NIHR’s due to her uncanny balance and command of her vessel.